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Address: 16370 Arrow Blvd, FontanaCA
Beds:1, 2
Community features: Laundry, Pool
Last updated:2014-10-21 12:05:01


Beds Baths Rent Sqft
2 1 $965-$1,025
1 1 $875-$895


Villa Hermosa offers one and two bedroom apartments in Fontana, Ca. Amenities include large closets, patios and balconies and we are close to shopping and entertainment

Apartment Scores (Apartment's value - How it compares with surrounding rentals)

Units Score Comparison (with local apartments having the same #beds and #baths)
1 bed
1 bath

Zipcode: 92335

Cheaper than 11.54% of the units in 92335 and 14.19% higher than the median rent of $775.

City: Fontana

Cheaper than 10.48% of the units in Fontana and 15.98% higher than the median rent of $763.

State: California

Cheaper than 68.42% of the units in California and 19.54% lower than the median rent of $1100.
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