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Address: 2001 Rockcreek Dr, Bowling GreenKY
Beds:1, 2
Community features: 24-hour Support, Laundry, Fitness Center, Pool
Last updated:2014-10-20 01:28:41


Beds Baths Rent Sqft
1 1 $440
2 1 $465


Perfect location in the heart of Bowling Green...Perfect rent to fit your budget...Perfect setting with tall trees, bright flowers, and song birds...Perfect staff to provide service beyond compare...Perfect address you will be proud to call home...Perfect for you!

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Units Score Comparison (with local apartments having the same #beds and #baths)
2 beds
1 bath

Zipcode: 42101

Cheaper than 69% of the units in 42101 and 9.53% lower than the median rent of $514.

City: Bowling Green

Cheaper than 80.43% of the units in Bowling Green and 16.96% lower than the median rent of $560.

State: Kentucky

Cheaper than 88.22% of the units in Kentucky and 25.83% lower than the median rent of $627.
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