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Address: 519 E Poplar St, OlatheKS
Community features: Laundry, Pool
Last updated:2014-10-12 06:57:03


Beds Baths Rent Sqft
1 1 -


At Poplar Court, you can enjoy spending time the way you want with a great community of people. The rent at Poplar Courts is based on your income, and we cover all of the basic utilities for our residents. During the summer months, enjoy time outside with friends with available barbeque grills for that outdoor meal. When the weather gets a bit colder, you will find plenty to do inside, with a community room to meet with friends and play a round of pool, or a library to spend time in restful seclusion, there is always a way to enjoy yourself. Conveniently ... more

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1 bed
1 bath

Zipcode: 66061

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City: Olathe

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State: Kansas

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