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Address: 818 Thurstin Ave, Bowling GreenOH
Beds:2, 3
Community features: Laundry
Last updated:2015-04-09 23:04:32


Beds Baths Rent Sqft
2 2 -
3 1 -


FRAZEE AVENUE APARTMENTS 818 Thurstin; 624, 670, and 656 Frazee Ave. 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, apartments with dishwashers and garbage disposals. On-site laundry facilities. Limit 4 people. Apts 1-4, 13-27Remodeled Furnished Apts 5-12Remodeled Unfurnished Apts 29-40Furnished 624 Frazee Ave BasementFurnished 670 Frazee Ave Basement Furnished

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3 beds
1 bath

Zipcode: 43402

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City: Bowling Green

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State: Ohio

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