Rentals in Connecticut

If you have decided to rent one of Connecticut’s 1,488,215 homes, then you are probably living with about 2.28 persons. Home owners account for 68% of the occupied homes in Connecticut , and renters account for 435,192, or the remaining 32%. The average rent for an apartment in Connecticut in the last 12 months has been $824. The average rents for a 1 bed, 2 bed and 3 bed apartments have been $602, $756, and $933 respectively.

The capitol of Connecticut is Hartford and the population of Connecticut is 3,574,097. The most populated cities in Connecticut are Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford, Stamford, and Waterbury.


Weather and Climate

The northeastern United States is home to Connecticut, and being in the northeast, it comes with a humid continental climate. You can expect nice summers with summer temperatures averaging around 84 degrees for the high and 65 for the low. Winter is chilly with average winter temperatures being 36 degrees for the high and 18 for the low. Pack your snow shoes if you visit Connecticut in the winter! It has an annual average snowfall of 40.5 inches. Connecticut also gets its share of rain, with an average of 50.6 inches in annual precipitation.

Population Demographics

Men are 38.5 years old and women are 41.3 on average in Connecticut. Together, they make the average age of 40 for the general population. 48.60% of Connecticut is male and 51.40% female. Expect to bring home $64,032 in annual income if you live in Connecticut, you will be one of 1,488,215 households to do so. There are 7.20% of Connecticut’s residents living in poverty, and 9.10% of its population does not have any health care coverage or insurance.

Sports Universities and Education

Connecticut is home to several universities including the University of Connecticut, Central Connecticut State University, and the prestigious Yale University. It has no major league sports. Connecticut has 27.90% of its population enrolled in college or university and 20.20% of Connecticut residents have a bachelor's degree.

Industry and Employment

If you work in Connecticut, you are one of its 1,736,446 employed residents and probably work in one of Connecticut’s top industries. They include transportation equipment, machinery, electrical equipment, fabricated metal products, chemicals, and scientific instruments. If you live in Connecticut and want to drive to work, it will take you about 25 minutes. 7.10% of Connecticut's population is unemployed.

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