Spring Cleaning: Bedroom

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Whoever lives in this room needs to read our blog!

I hope that you enjoyed getting your bathroom in tip top shape. If you missed it, check it out here. Now I’m going to address an oft neglected room of the apartment: your bedroom. It’s the one room that guests don’t go into, your chest of drawers hasn’t actually had clothes you wear in it since 2009, and your closet looks like something from an episode of “Hoarders”. Don’t despair, reader; read on!


Supplies This isn’t really a cleaning step, but you need to make sure that you have all the cleaning supplies you need before you start. This way you won’t become distracted while cleaning. You will most likely need dusting supplies, trash bags, window wash, laundry hamper, a vacuum cleaner if your room is carpeted, and a broom and dustpan if your room isn’t.

Designate a box or two for donations. While you clean your room up, you are bound to run across some things that are still good but you don’t need anymore. Make sure they are clean, pack them up, and donate them.

Trash There are two types of trash in your bedroom: obvious trash (wrappers, bottles, old tissues), and “do I want to trash this yet” trash (do I really want to keep that magazine, should I get rid of this old pair of shoes, etc). Throw away the obvious trash first and worry about the other later. The “do I want to trash this yet” trash will take more time for you to go through it all.

Before you start anything else, grab a trash sack and purge your room of any trash that may have accumulated in it since the last time you cleaned. Make sure that you check under furniture as well. I always find rogue used tissues that didn’t make it to the trash can. Once I helped a friend move out of his apartment and we filled about two trash sacks full of Mountain Dew bottles while cleaning. Hopefully your room won’t be as bad.

The Clothes After you have removed the trash from your room, move on to your clothes. Start by sorting your clean and dirty clothes; in doubt, assume they are dirty. If you have a washer and dryer readily available, start a load while you keep cleaning; if not, stick them all in a laundry hamper to be taken to the wash.  Fold and put away or hang up your clean clothes. Don’t know how to fold your clothes properly? This link should help!

The Bed I like my bed made, my husband thinks it’s unnecessary. You are just going to get back in it that night, right? Well you don’t use that logic for your dirty dishes, do you? No, I didn’t think so. Having a nicely made bed makes your bedroom look nice and put together, so just do it. If you haven’t changed your sheets in a while, now is a great time to do that. If you only have one pair of sheets, stick them in the wash and then go buy another set. I’m kidding, you don’t have to immediately go out and buy some, but you definitely need to have a spare set. Don’t know how to make your bed you say? Let us help you out.

If you can draw pictures in your dust, it's time to clean your room.

Dust Clear off your hard surfaces as much as possible and give them a thorough dusting. I like to use a microfiber mitt to do this. Pay attention to nooks and crannies, books, and lamp shades. They need dusting, too!

If you have any wooden furniture, now is a great time to polish it up using a furniture polish. Also note whether or not dust has accumulated in the corners around the ceiling and around light fixtures and carefully dust them.


“A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place” This old phrase has a lot of meaning behind it, especially when it comes to making your room look neat and tidy. Decide where knick knacks and other items within your room need to go (and which ones need to go away) and put them there. Use crates and baskets to keep miscellaneous things organized, just make sure not to pack them to the brim, unless you’re planning on boxing them up for storage as this looks messy. If you run across things you don’t want anymore, decide whether or not they can be donated or thrown away. Remember, ‘less is more’ when it comes to things on your dressers and shelves.

This room has "less is more" mastered.

Floors If your floor is carpeted, sprinkle some baking soda over it, let it sit, then vacuum. This will help deodorize your room. Otherwise, sweep and dust mop the floor. I like to use the disposable dust mopping cloths. If your floor is wooden, you can polish it, but don’t use furniture polish as this will make it very slippery. Find something that is made for wood floors. Don’t forget to clean your baseboards as well!


There you have it: a clean bedroom! If you’re thinking, “Hey! What about the closet?”, don’t worry. I am going to address organizing your closet in a future blog. Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions and come back for the next exciting installment of Spring Cleaning!