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So you’ve signed your lease and moved into your apartment, but now you need to move again. This can happen for many reasons: change in employment, getting married, family reasons, etc. But the thing is, it can happen to anyone. So if you have to break your lease early, what should you do? We are […]

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What Do I Need for My Rental Application?

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A lot of times during the process of searching for the right apartment we forget that landlords are also searching for the right tenants. A lot of landlords want to know a little bit about you before they hand over the keys, and this is where the rental application comes in. In a competitive rental […]

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Continuing from our previous blog post, we are going to discuss questions to ask your landlord that covers questions about the building and also questions about the landlord themselves. Questions about Maintenance and Building How do I file a maintenance service request?  It always seems that things go wrong when you are most busy, so […]

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