5 Most Affordable Cities To Live In USA

Deciding where to live, whether it is a suburb or even town, can be tough. Even if you can not envision yourself out of a metropolitan centre, the high price of a lease can get in the way of your cosmopolitan fantasies.

Some towns in the USA are so pricey only people with well-paying jobs can afford to live there, so it is essential that you do your homework before making a transfer to a different town.

It is no secret that cities such as San Diego, as an instance, are pricey.  However, many markets shifted recently and there are some areas where the price of leasing a home is more affordable.

Each of the cities are rated according to four variables that reveal or influence affordability.

They are:
– average monthly rent in the previous quarter of 2016 (weighted 20 percent)
– change from lease at the end of 2015 to 2016 (weighted 20 percent), average apartment vacancy rate (weighted 20 percent) and also the – total amount of monthly revenue share committed toward lease (weighted 40 percent).

Having a nationwide average monthly lease of $1,284 – upwards 3.3 percent from last year – along with the typical tenant shelling out 27 percent of (median home) income, you could wonder how your city compares to other major metropolitan centres across the U.S.

Moving home can be traumatic and a lot of work. So choose wisely! Here are the five cheapest cities to live in the USA. The list may surprise you.

California dominates the least-affordable record – although no town in¬†California made the number-one “cheapest” moniker.

1-Indianapolis, Indiana
2-St Louis, Missouri
3-Kansas City, Missouri
4-San Antonio, Texas
5-Columbus, Ohio

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