Bathroom Renovation Trends

Bathroom Renovation Trends

Two of the most significant investments that people do today are the projects of kitchen renovations and bathroom designs. Improvements not only update and upgrade your home’s comfort and functionality but also increase the value of your house when you sell it.

Here are the hottest bathroom trends in 2020 that are unanimously popular today.

Bathroom Renovation Trends

Walk-In Showers

Walk-In showers with a comfortable and sizeable roomy space have been the hottest trend for the past half-decade and still are the hot one in the year 2015 also. Homeowners now days are preferring to replace their bathtubs with these roomy walk-in showers with multiple showerheads.

These walk-in showers increase the visual space in a relatively smaller bathroom. Some people might prefer an enclosure; they can have a frameless glass or new tinted glass, which is very popular.

No Bathtub

Several homeowners are renovating bathrooms without bathtubs for many reasons, like the aging population and hectic schedules.

Bathtubs that Stands Alone

Some of the homeowners, who love bathtubs, are choosing stand-alone bathtubs instead of traditional ones. These stand-alone tubs are becoming increasingly popular since they add to the relaxation element of a long and hot soak.

Hand Showers

Hand showers and dual showers with overhead and hand combinations help enable to able to direct a shower spray exactly where you want it. People have started loving them because of that.

Water-Saving Toilets

Dual-flow and Low-flush toilets are more energy and water efficient hence they are in high demand. The best toilets to choose for this purpose are specifically in an elongated bowl and comfortable height designs.


Double sink vanities are trending very high in the year 2015. Homes with master bedrooms and main bedrooms become more comfortable with them.

Heated Floors

The locations where the cold is in significantly high amounts of each year, Radiant heated floors are becoming more popular. It has become virtually a must required in most bathroom renovations in such locations.

Metallic Finish

A variety of unusual metallic colors and finishes are available in bathroom fixtures. People are looking for brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and chrome with a variety of warm-colored metals.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is highly energy-efficient and is in high demand and hence included in our hot bathrooms trends 2015. Especially in cabinets, LED is fixed nowadays.

For many of us, the bathroom is the place in our house where we are pampered. Therefore, when evaluating bathroom renovation ideas, it is essential to ensure that you create a comfortable and quiet environment, rather than just improving the aesthetics. Creating a soothing bathroom environment can include installing underfloor heating. This system helps alleviate the cold tile problem in the morning, and while it can increase the cost of remodeling, it can also become the primary source of heat in your room. Integrating an underfloor heating system into your bathroom renovation project can also increase energy efficiency due to the heat retained in the tiles, even after the heating is stopped.

When considering different options for bathroom renovation, homeowners should assess current and future needs such as user-friendly controls, grab handles, shower seats, shower walls, sink wall, and Italian bathrooms. Many of these features can be very helpful to an aging population and can also increase the resale value of your home.

Bathroom lighting, frequently the most overlooked factor in bathroom idea, has become a necessary trend among homeowners as it adds significantly to the overall ambiance of the room. To achieve soft and diffuse lighting in the bathroom, the owners installed ceiling lights, and for work lighting, they installed two wall lights on each side of the large bathroom mirror.

To improve the appearance and practicality of your bathroom, you should also update and enlarge your cabinets. There are several options under the bathroom cabinets, including custom cabinets. You can even ask your contractor to paint the cabinets with one of the latest colors, including navy, cream white, beige, gold, rust, copper, dove gray, or peach. And for contrast, you can accentuate with pale countertops and wall and floor tiles. To make the bathroom even more elegant and modern, you can also use stone tiles on one or more walls of the shower. The stone tiles create a spa feeling and give the bathroom a touch of class and elegance. Marble floors give the room beauty and grace. Limestone or travertine floors are preferred for a stable appearance.

Green remodeling has also become very popular when remodeling do-it-yourselfers. Many homeowners install dual-use or low-flow toilets, energy-efficient showerheads, and energy-efficient lights, as well as other environmentally friendly components such as worktops made from recycled glass and wood or durable worktops. Choosing an ecological renovation is an environmentally friendly decision that you feel comfortable with.

Whatever you choose for your bathroom renovation project, make sure you weigh all the options, check the latest house magazines for ideas, and consult a reputable professional before you start.

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